June 23, 2009

and the slacking continues

its not that ive been a big ole slacker, ive just been super busy. between work, holidays (bdays and fathers day) and helping friends ive been so super busy i havent had time to think! all i want to do is cook an amazing meal and sit and watch tv... is that too much to ask! BUT thats not going to happen anytime soon cause tonight i have an hour and 45 minutes boxing and abs class, tomorrow i have to pack my bags to leave thursday afternoon for pensacola. jason gradautes A school (GO NAVY) on friday and katie and i are driving up for that AND to visit jenn. i am super excited to see them! barnes and noble is the devil (that i LOVE)... i spend way too much money at that store. ive recently bought a couple books im excited about. Photobucket & Photobucket if i can get a moment to breath ill one day be able to sit down and read them... wish me luck =P