September 29, 2010

having one hell of a week!

i hate how work effects me so much... i need to learn how to leave work at work! im pretty sure im just too sensitive... but in some ways im ok with that! wish i were in the mood to blog but im not :( but i do want to leave you with something... pure cuteness!

like i said... pure cuteness :)

September 20, 2010

holy 28!

you might have seen my post about my feather headband idea for my bday. i had a blast making them and cant wait to make more! i made a bunch so all of my friends had a headband to wear during the festivities.

boyfriend and i stayed at the CUTEST hotel on st pete beach called the postcard inn. it has a surfer chic theme. very simple, very cute! me, the boyfriend and 2 of my friends relaxed by the pool all day.

toni, me and jenn

morgan and me

around 6ish we met up with everyone else at the restaurant on site called wildwood bbq & burger (i know a veggie going to a bbq place) it was delish... i had some fish and they had the most amazing mac and cheese!

me, morgan, heidi and matt

the cutest waitress in the whole world, me, morgan and my cookie cake

my sister (ashley), my mom (tina) and me

after we where done with dinner we headed out back to hang at the tiki bar on the beach. i had so much fun! what an awesome bday!

me and the sister

wendy , me and morgan

me and the bestest boyfriend in the world!

September 06, 2010

food lovin: pizza

i love pizza... i dream of pizza... im going on a diet starting tomorrow so all the pizza ill have for now will be in my dreams! haha

September 01, 2010

new artist lovin...

shawn smith... he uses hand dyed strips of wood to create sculptures that look pixilated...

this is michael alm... i havent been able to find a lot of info on him but from what i gather he is concerned about endangered species... this side of his art is his take on protecting these animals. he creates synthetic taxidermied animals. he uses faux furs, clay, dyed feathers and wood.