May 27, 2010

so im planning a bday bash! its gonna be on st pete beach. there is this really cute inn called the postcard inn. the mister and i are gonna get a room there. im inviting buches of people to join us (we will what happens with that)

but im making it an indian theme... im gonna make headbands and we will all run around looking silly and i will love every minute of it! what ever happens i will have fun! these are my inspirations...

May 23, 2010

boyfriend and the band had another show last night... they played a ramones tribute show at the dunedin brewery... it was so much fun

im a super slacker when it comes to taking out my camera so i didnt take any but these are ones that i found around facebook! haha




they are so crazy and so much fun to watch live! i always have a blast

this is my wendy girl... a couple other friends came to hang out but like i said i suck at using my camera! i made a promise to myself i would bring out my camera more but im slacking... gotta work on that!
ohhh food how i love you!

here are a few yum dishes ive made and one that i cant wait to try over again!

feta tomato omelet, potatoes and mimosas! this dinner was awesome
add some italian spices to the omelet... sauté up some onions and add salt and pepper to the potatoes and you have yourself an easy and delish breakfast for dinner! 

veggie rancheros
cut up large chunks of your fav veggies... i chose zucchini, squash, red and orange peppers and onions... coat with olive oil and chili powder... cook in oven for 15 min, flip veggies then put back for 15 more minutes... put back into mixing bowl and coat with salsa
mix the veggies with corn and black beans and served it with a egg or two cooked however youd like... i prefer eggs over easy. this is a weird combo but really good!

this last one was pretty good... its an italian polenta casserole served with spaghetti squash


i wasnt a big fan of the pre made polenta that i bought... im going to make it from scratch next time.
this one is very simple too... i had a recipe for a polenta casserole but barely followed directions! haha
for this i put a layer of polenta at the bottom of the dish... next layered it with sautéed squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and garlic... then a layer of mozzarella and diced tomatoes... then repeat but skip the second layer of sautéed veggies. serve over the spaghetti squash. yum

May 19, 2010

i am not a girly girl by any means but i do love my bathroom time!

here are a few of my bathroom must haves!

**lush is an awesome company... a hippy company... everything is hand made with vegetarian/organic products, uses little to no preservatives or packaging. some of the packaging is compostable. and they do not test on amimals!


karma komba solid shampoo... to make me smell like a hippy!

jungle solid conditioner

these are travel tins to put your lush products in... love them

**this brand is call boots, its from the UK... i buy it a target... i use a bunch of their products... they also use organic materials and do not test on animals! all of their products smell amazing! nothing too sweet and overpowering just light and fresh smelling!

this is their body scrubs... yum

their body cream is amazing too! i also use their face wash, toner and eye makeup remover... i highly recommend all of their products!

 **preserve is another lovely company i am obsessed with... ive been using their toothbrushes for years and i recently bought a razor. this company uses recycled yogurt cups to make all of their products and when your done you can go to their website, print out a label and mail your toothbrushes and razor handles back to be recycled! AND if no one recycles #5 plastic (yogurt containers, hummus tubs) in your area you can mail that to them too! how exciting


** i dont think i could ever go back to using regular toothpaste or mouthwash after switching to toms of maine... and to continue with the pattern of this post... they use high quality natural ingredients, no artificial ingredients or preservatives and no animal ingredients or animal testing! whoo hoo



**and for my last must have bathroom product... kiss my face patchouli deodorant!  to complete my hippy smellyness! haha love it! and it works really well too


what products are you obsessed with? i love hearing about new products... do share!

May 12, 2010

my boyfriend got me into THE AQUABATS about a month or so ago and i really liked them... they are so silly and their songs rock!

we went to go see them at state theatre last saturday... they have the best live show! so much fun! they are on tour and if they come to your area just go... tickets are inexpensive and you will have a bunch of fun! 

here are some of my favorite silly songs...

May 09, 2010

i have a new obsession!
...whoopie pies...
i need to make these really soon!





drooling? yes i am

May 07, 2010

.....i work hard all week, and so do you
we deserve to let off some steam.....

these are the lovely bloc party lyrics i will be living by this weekend!

i busted my bum this week... i ate super healthy, went to boxing on tues and thurs and did hot yoga on wed. i am so ready to let loose over the weekend!

saturday ill be heading to downtown st pete with the mister to check out an awesome band... the aquabats... then most likely head to some groovy dive bar afterward! maybe the emerald or im kinda digging a fairly new bar called fubar. i dont know the exact plans all i know is that im ready to be out of work! i probably wont get too crazy i have to wake up fairly early on sunday,  i just wanna hang out with the mister, have a few drinks and dance a bit! thats all...


then for mothers day my sister and i are heading to tampa for lunch... my mother is working this sunday so we are celebrating with her on tuesday! but sunday my sis and i are going to a restaurant in hyde park called 717 south. one of her friends is the head chef there. sister says its really good and ive been wanting to try it! all i know is ill be having a couple mimosas! after lunch im gonna head to the tarpon springs farmers market to meet up with the mister for a bit. hang out for a bit... maybe get some coffee, pick up some yumE veggies for the week. all in all i think it will be a lovely weekend! cant wait to get started!

what are your plans for this lovely weekend?

May 01, 2010

3 names I go by:
1. Alyssa
2. MissAlyssa
3. Lys

3 jobs I have had:
1. sandwich maker @ einstein bagels
2. office manager @ keystone healthcare
3. cigar wench @ tobacco depot

3 places I have lived:
1. clearwater, fl
2. seminole, fl
3. safety harbor, fl

3 Favorite drinks:
1. water
2. unsweet tea
3. root beer

3 TV shows I watch:
1. biggest loser
2. dexter
3. burn notice

3 places I have been:
1. virginia
2. north carolina
3. key west

3 place I would like to go: Oh my, there are so many...
1. ireland
2. egypt
3. italy

3 favorite retro TV shows
1. all in the family
2. taxi
3. welcome back kotter

3 favorite dishes: i love this question... i love food
1. tofu parmesan
2. veggie stir fry
3. tomato, basil and feta pizza

3 things I am looking forward to:
1. going to see pig pen tonight
2. mothers day celebration with my mom and sis
3. getting my toes did soon

now im off to relax on the couch and try and take a nap! 
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