June 29, 2012

Rockin My Socks Off!!!

Im not sure how I found this website but has anyone ever checked out the clothing from Motel Rocks (dot) com?

Ohhh man so cute, and their clothing is nicely priced! The only downfall would be that they are based out of the UK so the shipping is a bitch!

BUT right now they are having a sweet sale.... Check them out ASAP! Motel Rocks

June 27, 2012

Easy Healthy Vegan Ice Cream!

Vegan Ice Cream made from frozen bananas! Say what...

There is a local food truck called Gone Bananas that serves vegan ice cream. I first found them at a local event called Rasa Lila which is a yoga festival held once a year. I was hot and sweaty from a day full of yoga in the sun and wanted a cooling sweet treat so I stopped by the Gone Bananas truck to try some of their yumminess! Man oh man was I in heaven and I've been meaning to try to make a homemade version for some time now.

I was surfing around Pinterest last night and came across a recipe for this lovely banana ice cream. Oh my was it delicious! I cant wait to make it again with different mixings! Im thinking homemade peanut butter and chocolate chips!

The best part is that it is SUPER simple to make...

4 bananas (sliced and frozen)
a couple tsp of cocoa powder


Blend it in a food processor until you have a soft serve consistency (which may take a little while) and viola you're done and ready to eat your homemade vegan ice cream!

June 12, 2012

Put down the remote!!

So recently the mister and I found Eureka on Netflix. Has anyone watched this show?

I had never seen it before and I now have a major crush on it! We seriously cannot stop watching it. We come home pretty much every day from work, make dinner and head straight to the couch to watch it. We have a serious problem! Haha

We have been watching it for weeks thinking that it had been cancelled for a while but then the other day I googled it and HOLY SMOKES its still on the air! The sad news is that this season, the 5th season, is its last and that ends in July! :(

We are almost done watching the past seasons and this Sunday I hear the Syfy Network is having a season 5 Eureka marathon! Man I'm in heaven!

We have been watching it so much that I'm having dreams about it! Hahaha

Everyone who has Netflix needs to check it out... seriously...

June 11, 2012

Avocado Tuna Salad Awesomeness

This weekend I was doing what I do best (super bummin it at home, on the couch) and didn't want to have to leave the house for food. Which forced me to be creative with what I had on hand!

I came up with an avocado tuna salad sammich! Ohhh my goodness it was delicious!

There are a bunch of these recipes around the internet but this is how I made mine...

**as we all know I am a total spaz in the kitchen so I did not measure anything**
2 cans of white albacore tuna (in water)
2 avocados
a couple pickles chopped up
a nice big squeeze of mayo
a little less squeeze of spicy mustard
sprinkles of salt, pepper and paprika

I just mixed everything up and tasted as I went!

I served it opened faced on top of an Ezekiel english muffin with a tomato slice on top.

Ohh man ohh man was it amazing! AND the boyfriend, who says he HATES tuna, decided to give it a try and he liked it!! Boooyahhh! I cant wait to make it again!


June 08, 2012

No slackers here!

So I don't want to fall off the face of the earth again so I wanna come by and say hi.
I have some exciting healthy things planned starting on Fathers Day!

I'm starting the Master Cleanse that day! This is the 2nd time doing this cleanse and I really like it! I've decided to start doing it twice a year. The first time I tried this cleanse was back in January. I went on vaca right after the cleanse was complete and I feel like I just put all the crap back into my system with all of the vacation food, beer and ice cream I ate! So this time around I headed over to Happy Herbivore to download a meal plan to follow after the cleanse was over. I am really excited about the cleanse AND the 7 day vegan meal plan. The food sounds amazing!

I'm also planning on getting my act together and get to yoga more often!! I'm driving myself crazy because of my laziness! I also would LOVE to start waking up early to go running but yet again, my laziness is right there keeping me under my covers! I just need to motivate myself for a couple weeks then I will be in the habit of working out.... any tips on getting motivated?

Other than that things have been boring... work and being lazy (as mentioned before)

I did get my hairs did the other day... FUUUUN :)