February 23, 2012

Urban Homesteading

A while ago i bought a book called  "Made From Scratch"

and since i am a super slacker at reading, it took me about a year to actually pick up the book and read it!
recently we went to North Carolina for a week on a vaca and i got to read it there while sitting in front of the fire and relaxing (i know, i lead a hard life sometimes)

its an awesome book and now i cannot wait to own a house with a backyard so i can have a garden and buy some chickens!!!

i want fruit trees and a raised garden bed with fresh veggies for fresh meals and canning adventures and 3 hens roaming my backyard laying fresh colorful eggs so bad!! there are so many beautiful varieties of chickens, it absolutely amazing!

one day ill get the house and all that comes with it... until then ill reside in my little condo and drool over lovely photos like these :)