November 17, 2011


I haven't blogged since June... holy cow its been a while hu!
Ohh well, I'm here now!

Too much has been going on lately...
...the Mister and I moved in together (very exciting) a new job at work (stressful but it came with a nice pay raise yeah buddy)
...we got a cat, Doris (love her) healthy living diet is non-existent  

Which reminds me...

So I got super excited recently when i got sucked into an infomercial and bought The Health Master.
This thing makes smoothies, juices, ice cream, HOT soup... all sorts of awesomeness... So it took 3 weeks to get here (which felt like an eternity) I have the machine for 2 weeks, I get to make 2 soups and 2 batches of juice and  yesterday morning the damn motor takes a shit! Ahhhh I'm so bummed! I called customer service and I can send it back and they will send me a new one... all for free. Which is awesome but I don't wanna wait around anymore! I want to make juice! Dang

Picture time... I love pictures :)

First up I have to show off The Health Master!!!
Ehhhh the new one better not give me troubles!!!

...Halloween happened.... love it

...happy birthday boyfriend... cutest cake ever...

...Meet Doris...

New do color... I'm a blonde...

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