July 13, 2010

found this on weheartit today... had to post it immediately! its just way too ridiculous and way too funny! tumblr_l56hy6K1Hp1qc7mjvo1_500_large

July 07, 2010

just want to share some recent fun times with the boyfriend.

isnt he the cutest

we went out on a random friday night to the dunedin brewery and there was an awesome local band playing... sarge and the aeromen... it was a really fun, relaxing night out after a long work week!

this is from last weekend. we went to see thrice. thats when i fell in love with their opening band, bad veins! boyfriend surprised me with their record! <3 him :)

thrice, playing a couple songs from fire... hence the red lights <3

not the best photos... i desperately need a new camera!!!
one of my favorite things to do is see live shows. weather it be local bands or national acts! i just love being surrounded by music 

July 06, 2010

new band obsession...

bad veins

they are unique and very fabulous... hope you enjoy as much as i do

July 05, 2010

here are some of my recent favorites...

i am no fan of clothing!
haha i am always running around the house in my undies! now that ive finally hooked up my record player i dance all the time... especially in my kitchen while cooking!




so pretty


il_430xN.150651502(found here)

im thinking about getting a large peacock feather tattoo down my right arm... i think it would look lovely!




ohh tie dye how i love you... i have a (small) pile of clothes im waiting to tie dye... one day when i get time! cant wait!

2uro5ft(found here)

peacock feathers AND tie dye.... cant get any better than this!