March 30, 2009

trashy fashion show

when i got to work today one of my coworkers asked me if i wanted to be her model for largos trashy fashion show. its a fashion where all the clothes are made out of recyclable material. and i said YES, of course i will!! ill keep you posted once i get more details!!! im so excited Photobucket for lunch today i made a chickpea salad... holy yummyness my ex introduced me to this and it is amazing. you take 2 cans of chickpeas, diced up cucumber, roasted red peppers, onions, garlic, fresh basil and a thing of feta cheese. mix that with olive oil and lemon juice.... viola.... chickpea salad. i ate it plain today but i bought some tortillas for a wrap tomorrow Photobucket

March 29, 2009

goodbye sweet sweet weekend

(blogging music: kings of leon) the rain ended... the sun came out! woot woot no beach, no art festival but i did end up having a fabulous day. i went to the mall (bought a cutie dress) and ate lunch with my sis. then caroline and i went and had a couple beers and did some girl talking for a couple hours. after that i went to target and spent way too much money. i spoiled myself and bought a new coffee pot (its super small and super cute), coffee grinder and a new ladle. haha its so weird how excited i get about a new coffee pot and a ladle. but i love them so! then i came home and made dinner. sunday is soup day, today i made greek avgolemono soup (dont ask how i pronounce that, i have NO clue). it was so good... dont mean to brag but im getting better at this soup making thing. very exciting haha Photobucket im excited for wednesday, ive planned a greek themed food week. ill be making greek tofu. its a recipe i found for greek chicken, since i dont eat chicken im changin it up a bit. its baked tofu with tomatoes, feta, and olives. im stoked to try it out

rain rain go away

sometimes the weather makes me super sad. my one day off and its raining! go figure. so instead of going to the art festival or to the beach ill be at home, cleaning! hopefully later it will clear up a bit when i head to the grocery.

March 22, 2009

groovy weekend

(blogging music: metric) this weekend was super fun. saturday we had a pool party at my friend matt and heidis house. we cooked out, laid out and drank yummy vodka dranks. unfortunately i could only stay for a few hours because i had to go to work at 3 but it was still a blast. i was the biggest bum that night... i watched a movie after work then passed out... it was lovely. sometimes it is just so nice to veg out on the couch. this morning i cleaned my house a bit then my friends caroline and jen guilt tripped me into going out on the boat with them. im glad i went... we cooked out, laid out and drank yummy beers on an island! i had a sunny weekend to say the least. soo i stuck with my plan and went to the grocery store. tonight i made broccoli cheese soup with a baked potato. im not gonna lie, it was ok. it was the first time ive made soup from scratch tho so thats exciting. usually i make mine from a package and just add water. haha it wasnt bad it was just a little sweet... wierd, i think it was the veggie broth i used, next time i must make my own broth. Photobucket peace for now

March 16, 2009

cant seem to get off of the computer

(blogging music: blonde redhead) i write things, random things on sticky notes all the time. they are all over my house, car, every purse i own. im a nut i ran across something i jotted down.... not sure where i saw it.... "life is too short to wake up with regrets. so love the people who treat you right. pray for the ones who dont. believe everything happens for a reason." i like it, its suites my life recently

ohhhh monday

(blogging music: animal collective) yesterday i drove the seven hour trip home from pensacola. ive always known that i dont mind driving but this trip has made me realize i love driving down the highway with the wind in my face and the music BLASTING! i had a blast driving home! its so relaxing. so today is the beginning of the "new me" if you will. ive decided im going to get off my ass and exercise more and start eating better. i stayed an hour after work today and got to it! i like to exercise it makes me feel great, ive just been a lazy ass this past month. tomorrow my sister and i will be working out at work and thursday is our hot yoga day. hopefully ill stick to it! as for eating better, this week im eating up whats in my house (my moms yum yum quiche and vegetarian pasta figouli i made) im super excited to go grocery shopping on sunday and start cooking again! ive been listening to the same music over and over recently. so i grabbed a bunch of old cds for my road trip. ive fallen in love with the deftones all over again. i cant stop listening to white pony! ive decided to put all of my "norm" music on hold and listen to some music i never listen to anymore. its kinda exciting discovering old music. peace

March 12, 2009

on a positive note

got the rental car today. at jenns now, just finished packing up the car. about to shower and go nite nite. in the AM (7 i should add) we will be hitting the road. eight hours to Pensacola. exciting, sad. its gonna be a good weekend. peace for now

March 10, 2009


this is gonna be a shorty, just wanted to rave about a new album, Fantasies by Metric. it comes out April 1st. GET IT, its amazing!!! they are a fabulous band thats all... peace

March 04, 2009

hello cruel world

alrighty ive decided to start a blog. ive been so super busy lately but im crossing my fingers that my life slows down a bit cause there are so many things i want to try but DO NOT have the time. i want to start documenting my life journey. (hell why not) things i want to do (no particular order).... *learn to use my sewing machine *organize my home *start cooking more and healthier *exercise more... get rid of these love handles! (any pointers would be lovely) hmmmm what else... ill be renting an SUV and helping my friend jenn move to pensacola next friday. god its getting so close! im super sad, but her hubby is in the navy... so shes gotzta go! i am excited about the road trip tho, its about an 8 hour drive! YIKES with jenn and jason living there i will have a place to get away! a home away from home if you will. at least for a couple months. until he gets stationed! well i guess thats about it for now.... peace