February 25, 2011

left brain...right brain

Left brain: I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.
Right brain: I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feat. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.

Im definitely a mix of both... how bout you? 

February 10, 2011

local vs. organic veggies

i can only seem to find one or the other around here...

i got super super excited when i started going to a yoga studio by my house that offers an organic veggie co-op. i mean SUPER excited!!! only to look through my bin once i got my share to find that most of the fruits and veggies were from california and the blueberries where from flippin mexico!!! that put a damper on my day for sure! for some reason i had it stuck in my head that it was going to be filled with fruits and veggies from LOCAL ORGANIC farms.

either way i got to thinking "well atleast they are organic" because in the battle of local verse organic, organic is always going to win for me because im putting these fruits and veggies into my body and they better not have a shit ton of chemicals on them! so i decided to continue with the veggie co-op.

literally the next day my cousin runs into my office to tell me about the groupon of the day. it was for a company called amys fresh. they go around to local farms collecting up friuts and veggies and they deliver your order straight to your front door. local farms! this chick was super excited again! well until i realized they didnt have any organic veggies! AHHHH

BUT last week they added an organic basket. for $34 they will deliver 7 different fruits and/or veggies straight to your door step! the thing i like about this company aside from LOCAL and ORGANIC is that you get to pick and choose what you want in your delivery. of course since its local if they dont have an item you want they will substitute something else similar. my first delivery is next thursday i hope i dont get disappointed like last time but things are looking really promising so far!

...veggie lover for life...