April 26, 2009

ohh i hate computers

(blogging music: pink floyd) well im not sure if its the computer or my connection through knology. either way i cant get the internet right now at home, and its driving me mad! im at my dads right now so i jumped on the computer. i need to call knology to get them out to my house to hopefully get a new modem. im pretty sure its not the computer... i dont know ill figure it out sooner or later. till then i will suffer with no internet! boo hoo hopefully ill be able to blog real soon

April 21, 2009


(blogging music: lagwagon) sooo ive been super busy and havent posted anything in a while because frankenstein has been taking up a bunch of my time. and who in the heck is frankenstein you may ask...... Photobucket viola... this is my lil booger... isnt he the cutest chinchilla in the whole world? YES Photobucket <3 <3

April 06, 2009

ohh sweet monday

someone has been a super bum lately! i got too lazy last week to make my greek tofu! i gotta make that soon tho it looks delicious. instead i went out for a girls night with caroline and laura Photobucket i cant EVER take a serious picture, its disease i think... usually my tongue is hanging out of my mouth haha i did manage to throw some yummyness together tonight... pasta with steamed broccoli and tomatoes sauteed with onion, garlic and basil... it was super yum but next time im gonna add more garlic and onions for extra flavor Photobucket i love being able to look in my fridge, pull out a couple of random ingredients and whip something together! i use to never have any food in my house so that was never possible. off to being a bum some more. after i finish my laundry... FUN i know

April 02, 2009

wine clubs

one of my coworkers received her wine club wine today! exciting i think joining a wine club would be pretty neat! trying out new and different wines... FUN. who doesnt love wine. the club that she is joined to isnt organic wine so i have to do my research. i found one called eco vine wine. its bimonthly, 1 white 1 red, $40 a shipment. not too shabby!