February 22, 2010

i love arts and craft festivals!

on sunday we headed over to downtown dunedin again to check out the crafts festival that they held this weekend. i didnt pull out my camera so no fun pics of the mister being silly but it was a super fun day! we started off at flanagans for an irish lunch (fish and chips for me and shepherds pie for the mister) and some beers (delish)! after lunch we headed out into the streets to check out all the craftyness. this arts and crafts fest was HUGE! i loved every minute of it, AND it was a gorgeous day outside. MY GOODIES i picked up 4 cute and yumE smelling candles 2 mixes... a beer bread mix and a pumpkin pancake mix and the mister bought me a small blue ceramic colander (its the cutest thing) Photobucket

February 15, 2010

stuffed french toast

my boss was telling me how she has stuffed french toast every saturday AM... yes EVERY saturday! im jealous and now i need this in my life! i will be making it REAL soon! how yumE does that look! Photobucket hopefully this weekend this will happen! wish me luck there is an arts and crafts fest in dunedin this weekend... im thinking sunday morning, stuffed freanch toast then the festival... FUN? i think so

lets get sappy!

i had the most fabulous valentines day! (dont mind the camera phone photos, my sister has my camera) OUR ADVENTURES ON VALENTINES DAY first we set out for the tarpon springs sponge docks. Photobucket on the way there we found the tarpon springs sunday morning farmers market! exciting stuff... now ive found a place to buy fresh veggies each sunday! YES (i work during most farmers markets in the area so i never get to go!) we got coffee and walked around for a few... then off to the sponge docks... we walked around some more... went to my favoritest soap shop, bought some yummy smelling soaps and an assortment of sponges for the bath. Photobucket went to the candy shop (which was super exciting... i was literally a kid in a candy shop haha) and got the mister a pirate tshirt. then we went to this yummy greek restaurant to grub on flaming cheese and sip on a delicious sangria. PhotobucketPhotobucket we had a couple hours to kill and didnt want to go home so we headed off to dunedin to grab a brew at flanagans irish pub Photobucket hung out there for a couple hours talking and sipping... PhotobucketPhotobucket ...then it was time for our reservation at stonechase grill in tampa (my favorite restaurant EVER) and had a lovely dinner (with more sangria) PhotobucketPhotobucket then headed to see the wolfman (really awesome movie btw) Photobucket to say the least i was super tired after the movie! it was such an exciting fun filled day! i wish every sunday was just like it!

February 11, 2010

not feelin work today...

i love taking these random quiz things... so you may see a bunch. i like being able to look back at my answers and see what mood i was in or how my opinion may have changed over time... very interesting sometimes...  

1. Hair color..Au naturale..or not? definitely not... im a natural blond... now i have have black hair with a huge bleach blond streak and a cooper color streak  

2. If somebody has food in their teeth or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them? probably yes

3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body? i would take the million... i love to work out but dont have a bunch of free time... so if i had a million dollars im sure id have more free time from work to get my workouts in and work on this bod of mine  

4. Favorite magazine? ohh hard question, i love all sorts of magazines! my favs would be body&soul, vegetarian times and the food network magazine  

5. Bra style..lacy or plain? both... depends on what kind of mood im in... a fancy one or a busy one! i would love to be in a fancy whimsical mood all the time but sometimes life gets in the way!  

6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret..would you most likely come out with something sexy or comfy? again depends on my mood  

7. Do you fake and bake? i do not... i love my paleness  

8. What's your favorite body part on a man? calves... defined calves are so sexy and forearms... tattooed forearms that is  

9. Waffles, pancakes or french toast? waffles for sure  

10. Dream home..What would it look like? Hmmmm... dream home... eco fabulous cottage style house with wrap around porch, decent size back yard for my garden, furnished with a mixture of fabulous vintage finds and modern beauties, somewhere close to a hoppin downtown area so i can ride my bike to the nearest farmers market, maybe even a cute white picket fence! lots more to add but i dont wanna be here all day! haha  

11. Favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics? snowboarding

12. The first word that comes to mind when describing yourself? happy... im always smiling and laughing at something  

13. Dresses, pants (jeans, leggings, etc.) or skirts? i love them all! depends on how bloaty i feel (haha) and the weather... my fav would be that its dress and skirt weather all of the time!  

14. What is your favorite time of day? anytime after work... when im either cooking dinner or relaxing on the couch watching my favorite show snuggling with the boy! i love when im able to sit and a bum!  

15. Beach or Mountains..which do you prefer? i love both... but i rarely see either... in cool weather a hike up a mountain would be lovely and if i had time i would be at the beach all the time (i do live in FL)  

16.Will you watch the Super Bowl? actually i didnt this year... i was on a cruise! alrighty, back to work for me...

random goodness

ran across this fantastic artsy website called bughouse. they have random music inspired wall art and furniture for sale two pieces i NEED in my life ...wall art... Photobucket ...coffee table... Photobucket yes, i need this dj coffee table... no i am not a dj, but i am still in love with it!

February 01, 2010

ehhh computers

so i caught myself a lovely virus on my laptop last week. that was fun!! i did a system restore and everything is fine now. which is very exciting! one, because its gone & two, because i had no clue what i was doing when i set out to get rid of the damn thing but after about a day of researching online and trying this and that! the system restore was the thing that finally work! whoo hoo NOW i am determined to wipe my hard drive (i would love my lappy to be fresh and clean) BUT for some reason a couple minutes into the process the damn computer shuts itself off! i dont know, theres always some obstacle when it comes to things i want to accomplish! ill get it eventually. im no computer nerd by any means... i am strictly self taught when it comes to my computer knowledge (trial and error mostly) but id like to think of myself as a bit computer savvy. i am determined to get this done! i just like to know i can do it on my own... i have this super independent woman thang going on! haha well wish me luck at tackling this!