March 05, 2011

im craving the sun

i am one of the palest girls i know and my boyfriend hates the beach but ive been thinking about it a lot lately!!! the sun, the water, fruity dranks, good times with friends, laying in the sand. i need a beach day ASAP!
sorry boyfriend, ill go without you :)
i dont even go for the tan... i end up using spf 70 a couple times during the day!
BUT i do love being outside, i think thats why ive been craving it... i am officially over the winter and ready to be out and about and enjoy this FL weather

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ill be dreaming about it till i get there!!

March 04, 2011

food lovin: sushi

my dad and i love love love sushi... every time we go out to dinner its usually at his favorite sushi spot!!!

i love all sushi with avocado on it and my dad loves all sushi with extra sesame seeds on them.
my step mom recently bought my dad a kit to make homemade sushi. my dad is a bit skeptical but i cant wait to try it out!

March 03, 2011

pretty sure i need these in my life... i wish they weren't so darn expensive!!

Black Milk Clothing.... feel free to buy me any of these at any point :)