June 30, 2010

im in the mood to blog tonight but am so tired from hot yoga i can barely move.

so this one is a shorty...

a new artist i found. alex noriega. hope you like

just too cute

June 22, 2010

i feel like there is a huge cloud over my head today. i feel very overwhelmed with all the drama surrounding me. thank god this drama has nothing to do with my personal life... with both of my jobs i feel surrounded by unnecessary drama. its really getting to me and today i just feel drained! the good thing is that i get out of work in a few hours! im going to hot yoga to get some me time, relax time in then boyfriend is bringing dinner and wine over so we can have a relaxing night! AND... i took tomorrow off!! yippie! ill most likely get up early with the mister for our morning run then see him off to work. then who knows... be a bum for a bit, definitely get some cleaning in and finish my laundry. i really cant wait! ive never been so excited to clean! ohh speaking of yoga i was looking at weheartit.com and found this
i totally fell in love with this little guy!

June 21, 2010

My Style in One Image

i ran across a design blog, from the right bank, today and she is having a "whats your style in one image" challenge. i found this very intriguing. ive found many photos over the years of homes ive fallen in love with.

at the moment id have to say this photo is by far my favorite...


im not even sure if its a home, im thinking a spare guest room off the side of a house. either way, i could definitely see myself living here. it reminds me of a tree house. i love nature and being outside. im not sure where i found this photo and its the only one i have of the space but i imagine the inside being very open and cozy. and who can resist the rope bridges!

June 16, 2010

boyfriend and i call each other pinky and the brain...
you know... one is a genius, the others insane!!
what do you think... can you tell who is who? haha



haha i love us, we rock!

June 14, 2010



for the past two weeks ive been so, so, so tired! so on sunday i did NOTHING all day long! i was the ultimate bum! it was so lovely! i took naps... watched the man v. food marathon on the travel channel... and stuffed my face with mac and cheese and citrus sorbet! i really needed a serious lazy day! 

i wish it wasnt monday, i wish i could repeat sunday all over again. unfortunately i cant, i had to get back to the real world today. it was full of work and laundry and dishes. no fun! but im definitely not as tired this week! my lazy day worked and i am feeling refreshed for sure.  



i dont get super bum days too often but this one was amazing!