August 29, 2009

acoustics from metric

usually im not too attracted to acoustic sets, i guess i just love a full band just rockin out! i dont know... but this video from metric is pretty damn sweet. enjoy... i know i did

August 05, 2009

ohhhhh my sweet sweet jenn

so my adorable friend jenn left me again... if you recall back in march i helped her move to pensacola to be with her husband who is in the navy (go navy). well she was there for a couple months and in the beginning of july she moved back to tarpon (for a quick minute) before she moved to where her husband is stationed (virginia). well july has come and gone and my amazing friend has left! :( sad times, sad times BUT for the past month we have had awesome adventures! apricot beer and drag shows, sushi and ichiban, downtown tarpon and jacuzzis, starbucks, the mustache men, pasta fagioli, strokers and shock top (sqeeze my orange), FL-amingo tattoos.... many many more awesome times crammed into this past month. i love her and miss her mucho Photobucket miss katie, myself and jenn Photobucket and these are our FL-amingo tattoos Photobucket jenns tan ass leg, my pasty white one and katie... cutie tattoos