March 29, 2009

goodbye sweet sweet weekend

(blogging music: kings of leon) the rain ended... the sun came out! woot woot no beach, no art festival but i did end up having a fabulous day. i went to the mall (bought a cutie dress) and ate lunch with my sis. then caroline and i went and had a couple beers and did some girl talking for a couple hours. after that i went to target and spent way too much money. i spoiled myself and bought a new coffee pot (its super small and super cute), coffee grinder and a new ladle. haha its so weird how excited i get about a new coffee pot and a ladle. but i love them so! then i came home and made dinner. sunday is soup day, today i made greek avgolemono soup (dont ask how i pronounce that, i have NO clue). it was so good... dont mean to brag but im getting better at this soup making thing. very exciting haha Photobucket im excited for wednesday, ive planned a greek themed food week. ill be making greek tofu. its a recipe i found for greek chicken, since i dont eat chicken im changin it up a bit. its baked tofu with tomatoes, feta, and olives. im stoked to try it out

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