March 22, 2009

groovy weekend

(blogging music: metric) this weekend was super fun. saturday we had a pool party at my friend matt and heidis house. we cooked out, laid out and drank yummy vodka dranks. unfortunately i could only stay for a few hours because i had to go to work at 3 but it was still a blast. i was the biggest bum that night... i watched a movie after work then passed out... it was lovely. sometimes it is just so nice to veg out on the couch. this morning i cleaned my house a bit then my friends caroline and jen guilt tripped me into going out on the boat with them. im glad i went... we cooked out, laid out and drank yummy beers on an island! i had a sunny weekend to say the least. soo i stuck with my plan and went to the grocery store. tonight i made broccoli cheese soup with a baked potato. im not gonna lie, it was ok. it was the first time ive made soup from scratch tho so thats exciting. usually i make mine from a package and just add water. haha it wasnt bad it was just a little sweet... wierd, i think it was the veggie broth i used, next time i must make my own broth. Photobucket peace for now

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