March 04, 2009

hello cruel world

alrighty ive decided to start a blog. ive been so super busy lately but im crossing my fingers that my life slows down a bit cause there are so many things i want to try but DO NOT have the time. i want to start documenting my life journey. (hell why not) things i want to do (no particular order).... *learn to use my sewing machine *organize my home *start cooking more and healthier *exercise more... get rid of these love handles! (any pointers would be lovely) hmmmm what else... ill be renting an SUV and helping my friend jenn move to pensacola next friday. god its getting so close! im super sad, but her hubby is in the navy... so shes gotzta go! i am excited about the road trip tho, its about an 8 hour drive! YIKES with jenn and jason living there i will have a place to get away! a home away from home if you will. at least for a couple months. until he gets stationed! well i guess thats about it for now.... peace

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