March 16, 2009

ohhhh monday

(blogging music: animal collective) yesterday i drove the seven hour trip home from pensacola. ive always known that i dont mind driving but this trip has made me realize i love driving down the highway with the wind in my face and the music BLASTING! i had a blast driving home! its so relaxing. so today is the beginning of the "new me" if you will. ive decided im going to get off my ass and exercise more and start eating better. i stayed an hour after work today and got to it! i like to exercise it makes me feel great, ive just been a lazy ass this past month. tomorrow my sister and i will be working out at work and thursday is our hot yoga day. hopefully ill stick to it! as for eating better, this week im eating up whats in my house (my moms yum yum quiche and vegetarian pasta figouli i made) im super excited to go grocery shopping on sunday and start cooking again! ive been listening to the same music over and over recently. so i grabbed a bunch of old cds for my road trip. ive fallen in love with the deftones all over again. i cant stop listening to white pony! ive decided to put all of my "norm" music on hold and listen to some music i never listen to anymore. its kinda exciting discovering old music. peace

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