April 06, 2009

ohh sweet monday

someone has been a super bum lately! i got too lazy last week to make my greek tofu! i gotta make that soon tho it looks delicious. instead i went out for a girls night with caroline and laura Photobucket i cant EVER take a serious picture, its disease i think... usually my tongue is hanging out of my mouth haha i did manage to throw some yummyness together tonight... pasta with steamed broccoli and tomatoes sauteed with onion, garlic and basil... it was super yum but next time im gonna add more garlic and onions for extra flavor Photobucket i love being able to look in my fridge, pull out a couple of random ingredients and whip something together! i use to never have any food in my house so that was never possible. off to being a bum some more. after i finish my laundry... FUN i know

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