March 05, 2010

alfredo with veggies...

so last night was a eat up all the veggies before they go bad night... which is always a fun night cause i get to be creative instead of just follow a recipe (not that i follow recipes to the t... but still). im a pretty silly and crazy cook but on these nights i look a bit nutty in the kitchen, running around adding last minute spices or random ingredients. the mister is always laughing at me when im in the kitchen. whatever, i have fun! hehe Photobucket i steamed up all the cauliflower and broccoli i had, sauteed up the rest of the squash and zucchini, tossed that with alfredo sauce (store bought... i really need to work on making my own) and served it with pasta! yum yum yum the cauliflower/ alfredo combo is so amazing! i will definitely be making that again!

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