April 09, 2010

ohhh weheartit (dot) com how you waste me time

hahaha ok for the longest time i have decided to NOT venture over to weheartit.com cause that is not what i need in my life... another reason to spend all my time searching the internet.

well the other day i was working my part time job... at a cigar shop... and it was a pretty slow saturday so i went online... found myself clicking that damn link to weheartit.com!

dont get me wrong that website rocks! but i love photography too much as it is and now i can spend FOREVER looking at all sorts of amazing photos! i already am a busy chick who spends too much time on the interweb!

 ill leave you with these lovely sayings i found so far...





ive been a slacker at posting anything of importance cause i have found myself too busy and too tired to do anything as of late... BUT tonight im going to see my mister and his band play at a small bar in downtown st pete... its the first time ill get to see them perform (they havent played a show in almost a year) its very exciting stuff! so i will definitely be posting photos from tonight AND i also have a bunch of photos from the renaissance and italian festivals i recently went to! sooo with all that said i will be posting more interesting stuff soon... promise! 


Consider my dear said...

You dont have to post anything important, weheartit makes everything seem a bit more important. Or at least cuter.

Robyn said...

weheartit has taken hours of my life that I will never get back. I had an entire inspiration folder on my old computer from it... now that I will definitely never get back.

Anonymous said...

holla! come check out my blog, you might see something you like! :]


Mainland Streel said...

Cute pictures! You're forgiven. :)

I know how hard it is to keep posting when you're busy. I always feel guilty when I slack off on the blog, but time to yourself is way more important. :)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

this post makes me really wanna go image searchin' now! i need some pretty inspirations...