May 07, 2010

.....i work hard all week, and so do you
we deserve to let off some steam.....

these are the lovely bloc party lyrics i will be living by this weekend!

i busted my bum this week... i ate super healthy, went to boxing on tues and thurs and did hot yoga on wed. i am so ready to let loose over the weekend!

saturday ill be heading to downtown st pete with the mister to check out an awesome band... the aquabats... then most likely head to some groovy dive bar afterward! maybe the emerald or im kinda digging a fairly new bar called fubar. i dont know the exact plans all i know is that im ready to be out of work! i probably wont get too crazy i have to wake up fairly early on sunday,  i just wanna hang out with the mister, have a few drinks and dance a bit! thats all...


then for mothers day my sister and i are heading to tampa for lunch... my mother is working this sunday so we are celebrating with her on tuesday! but sunday my sis and i are going to a restaurant in hyde park called 717 south. one of her friends is the head chef there. sister says its really good and ive been wanting to try it! all i know is ill be having a couple mimosas! after lunch im gonna head to the tarpon springs farmers market to meet up with the mister for a bit. hang out for a bit... maybe get some coffee, pick up some yumE veggies for the week. all in all i think it will be a lovely weekend! cant wait to get started!

what are your plans for this lovely weekend?

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