October 16, 2010

sweet and sour tofu

a couple weeks ago i was watching my good friends little girl for the day and while she was napping i came across the show called "cook yourself thin". ive never seen it before but i really liked it. their recipes look pretty yummy. they take your favorite foods and show you how to modify the recipes to be healthier. the lady on this particular show loved sweet and sour pork. the modified recipe looked really yummy. so i jumped online to jot down the ingredients. i dont eat pork so i substituted tofu instead.

its a pretty simple recipe... there are 2 sauces, one sauce to marinate the tofu and the other is a sweet and sour sauce you mix in at the end. i followed the directions to a T when it came to the veggies but you can mix and match anything you'd like in my opinion. i took a red pepper, green pepper and a red onion chopped them in large chunks and sautéed them just until they became a little tender... still a little crunchy. add the marinated tofu and the sweet and sour sauce to the pan, sauté for a little longer and viola your finished! it was so so delicious!  the only thing i did differently is that i doubled the recipes for both of the sauces. i like a lot of sauce on my meals! 

the photos not the best... my dad called me right as i was about to take photos and give boyfriend his food. so i took a quick photo or 2 and started grubbing (yes while is was still on the phone with the pops) haha

it was really yummy! i think maybe ill try it with shrimp next time!

here is the recipe so you can get the sauce ingredients... try it youll love it! cook yourself thin

ohh and one more thing... if you like tuna check out the "recipes from this episode" section to the right of the screen... the portobello mushroom tuna melt looks amazing. im definitely trying that one soon! 



Kellie W. said...

Ooh, this sounds so good! I'll have to make this for dinner this week!

Red Boots said...

Yum, I love sweet and sour, especially with tofu. One of my favourite meals!