January 19, 2011

Ive been rearranging my house the last couple days and I am super excited about it. Operation declutter and beautify the house is in full effect.
The next step is to get rid of some furniture I haven't used in a while so i can put a teepee up in the back section of my house. I have this area that could be for an office in the back of my house. It has a desk and an awkward DIY bookshelf that I made out of a side table and a hutch. I love watching TV when i'm on the internet so I haven't used my desk in over a year, I usually sit on the floor or couch while i'm on the internet. So i'm getting rid of my desk, and I don't really need my funky bookshelf either cause I have another bookshelf in the house plus a broken ladder that I use as a bookshelf. So I get to donate those pieces too. This move leaves the whole "office" area empty and perfect for my teepee! I cant wait to start working on it!
After I get it put up and secure i'll need to find floor cushions and pillows and blankets for inside! It will be the perfect reading corner! Maybe it will help me read more! haha
Here is a photo of what i'm aiming for...

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