June 08, 2012

No slackers here!

So I don't want to fall off the face of the earth again so I wanna come by and say hi.
I have some exciting healthy things planned starting on Fathers Day!

I'm starting the Master Cleanse that day! This is the 2nd time doing this cleanse and I really like it! I've decided to start doing it twice a year. The first time I tried this cleanse was back in January. I went on vaca right after the cleanse was complete and I feel like I just put all the crap back into my system with all of the vacation food, beer and ice cream I ate! So this time around I headed over to Happy Herbivore to download a meal plan to follow after the cleanse was over. I am really excited about the cleanse AND the 7 day vegan meal plan. The food sounds amazing!

I'm also planning on getting my act together and get to yoga more often!! I'm driving myself crazy because of my laziness! I also would LOVE to start waking up early to go running but yet again, my laziness is right there keeping me under my covers! I just need to motivate myself for a couple weeks then I will be in the habit of working out.... any tips on getting motivated?

Other than that things have been boring... work and being lazy (as mentioned before)

I did get my hairs did the other day... FUUUUN :)

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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Your hair looks wonderful!

Good luck with the cleanse and everything!