July 05, 2012

So I lied a bit...

The other day I posted about how I was planning on doing the master cleanse... Well that didn't happen! I realized that my sister would be in town right in the middle of my cleanse which mean I wouldn't be able to eat or drink anything the day we had planned our outing.

That's our thing... we always visit all of the restaurants that she loves and can't have since she moved to GA! So I was originally going to postpone it till today actually but then I wasn't so pumped to stop eating for 10 days that I decided to wait till a later date!

The reason for this confession is because even though I'm not doing the cleanse I've been seeing so many other inspiring healthiness around the inter web!

As everyone else I'm super addicted to Instagram and I've been seeing some delicious looking food photos lately that's been making me want to get back into the kitchen!

morgan_lua is an awesome eater! Haha

avocado toast with roasted veggies! Yum

So simple, so yummy looking

don't know... they look amazing to me! I've been a real slacker in the kitchen lately and seeing these photos in my feed are making me miss it a bunches. Plus eggs, tomatoes and avocados are some of my favs!

I'm also wanting to get my ass in shape sooooo bad but I am SOOOO lazy! I really am, its pathetic =P
BUT I have been easing myself back into some classes and I'm loving it! Hot yoga (myfav) every Monday evening and a cardio strengthening class that my boxing instructor teaches every Wednesday evening. I've only been to one of the cardio classes (the holiday messed me up) but I'm really excited to get back to class next week! I'm also going to start my Insanity videos again. Those are seriously insane and I love them so much, Ill be doing them every morning before work.

Soooo to keep me on track with the working out thing I've told Morgan that Ill be giving him $2 every activity that I don't do. I'm hoping losing my money will motivate me to keep working out! We will see... I may be super broke within the next few weeks! Haha fingers crossed :)

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