January 24, 2010

killing time... waiting for coffee...

i got my first comment from someone i DONT know... exciting stuff! haha i love recycling, i believe its just something we need to do. ever since ive started recycling my motto is, if it can be recycled it will be recycled! well, ill be the first to admit i can get lazy sometimes! so my cute recycling bin (that my mom got me) starts to over flow sometimes. SOO today i spent the whole day cleaning and taking things out of the house and putting them into their proper bin. i am too too excited that my house is so clean right now. when the house is clean it just makes me smile, i feel so grown up! hahaha now im watching the TLC channel about amazingly tall children, surfing the internet and waiting for my friend katie to get off work so we can go get coffee and do some girly chatting.

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