January 24, 2010

blogs and photography

when i first started exploring blogs i fell in love with vegan blogs. i myself am a pescetarian (who randomly eats fish) i actually identify more with vegetarians. i love vegan blogs because they are so creative with their meals. and some make the most delicious looking food! recently i started falling in love with vintage clothing and found all sorts of fashion blogs. i find myself getting lost in different blogs all the time. i seem to find a few new and exciting blogs everyday. i love photography... you can find so many random and unique photographs online and in different blogs. here are a few of my favorite collected over time... (i think most of these photos ive found through random google searches so im not sure where they came from exactly... so if they are your photos and you would like me to link them to you or take them down please let me know) :) ...shoes... Photobucket Photobucket ...cute puppies... Photobucket Photobucket ...other randomness... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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notebook doodles said...

thank goodness for blogs :)