February 01, 2010

ehhh computers

so i caught myself a lovely virus on my laptop last week. that was fun!! i did a system restore and everything is fine now. which is very exciting! one, because its gone & two, because i had no clue what i was doing when i set out to get rid of the damn thing but after about a day of researching online and trying this and that! the system restore was the thing that finally work! whoo hoo NOW i am determined to wipe my hard drive (i would love my lappy to be fresh and clean) BUT for some reason a couple minutes into the process the damn computer shuts itself off! i dont know, theres always some obstacle when it comes to things i want to accomplish! ill get it eventually. im no computer nerd by any means... i am strictly self taught when it comes to my computer knowledge (trial and error mostly) but id like to think of myself as a bit computer savvy. i am determined to get this done! i just like to know i can do it on my own... i have this super independent woman thang going on! haha well wish me luck at tackling this!

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