March 31, 2010


i love art... i mean who in their right mind doesnt love art!!!

a couple years ago i went to orlando to see an exhibit featuring the street artists tes one, bask and parskid. what an amazing show! i wanted to take everything home with me!

my favorite was bask
"chicken hawk" painted on a dining room table... the weird thing about this one is that when i saw it at the show in orlando it reminded me of this girl i had meet a couple times... turns out it is the girl i was thinking of! weird! love this one... its by far my favorite

an installation called "99 bottles of beer on the wall"
tes one and bask are big on installations... i am too!! bad ass

Photobucket "swine flu"

Photobucket "its a fine line between social drinker and drnuk" no i didnt spell it wrong... thats the title!

how can you not love bask... do yourselves a favor check him out! ohh and check out the other guys too... tes one and parskid... awesomeness!

this guy i just found the other night... marc johns... i am loving his work... its really simple, silly and funky






how random! love it!

hope you dig it


Mainland Streel said...

These are so cute! I love the moustaches one. :)

MissAlyssa said...

hehe that one is my all time fav! glad you agree!! his drawings are so random... so cute!

JMay said...

Marc Johns, I'm so glad he's getting around on the Blogger World! :-)

I just did a giveaway with a signed copy of his book he sent me!


M. said...

this are so funny, I love them!

lovelove, M.

Nara said...

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Amber said...

Oh I love the moustache and beard pictures. Fab!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!