March 29, 2010

exciting stuff!!

the ohh so lovely brandi over at a mainland streel passed on the beautiful blogger award to me!

receiving this award requires that i list seven interesting things about myself, then pass it on to five other bloggers

first thing first... seven randoms about me...

1) i cant seem to type properly. i hate using capital letters and rarely use proper punctuation. not sure why but its only on the computer! i right perfect (well i try) english when im at work or writing letters! weird

2) i went to the renaissance festival a couple weeks ago and the guy selling pickles called me a hippie goth... i liked it!

3) one of my bestest friends, jenn, lives in VA and i just booked my trip to go see her in july. ill be gone for 7 days! 7 days of relaxing and hanging out with my girl! is it july yet?

4) my sister and i run the front office of a physical therapy company. i see her at the minimum 5 days a week and we usually end up hanging out on the weekends. i dont know what id do if we didnt live near each other!

5) im sure people would like to know why in the hell the word twat is in the title of my blog... the truth... i love the word! thats pretty much it. i like the fact that people dont judge me for it either. well not yet, not to my face. i like that people still venture over to my blog even though im sure some dont like the word. i dont find it offensive and i guess in that way im trying to get people to embrace the word! hehe

6) im a food snob. i love good food with minimal chemicals... i try to buy only organic... and i dont mind spending money on it. i spend most of my paycheck at the grocery store haha. if your going to put something in your body it might as well be the best quality and organic, no? i guess i can say i spend more money to take care of my body now instead of spending it on medical bills in the future! hopefully that pans out for me! =P

7) i have a sewing machine. not super exciting news but the random fact about this one is that ive had it for about 3 years now and i have no idea how to sew... ive NEVER used it! when i got it i only had one job but now with 2 jobs plus life... things tend to get busy which leaves me with little spare time. my goal is to teach myself how to sew within the next couple months! i have faith i can accomplish this! wish me luck

now... who to pass this lovely award to?

these are some of my favoritest blogs

1) MissRobyn over at twitch vintage
2) MissBecky over at strumpets crumpets
3) MissEmma over at from scratch
4) MissRebecca over at consider my dear
5) MissEvan over at a nerd like me

well that was fun... hope everyone loves these blogs as much as i do!

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Consider my dear said...

Thanks sweetie-pie. You're too cute!

hugs and kisses