April 14, 2010

ohhh my aching body!

i use to be really good about working out... every week boxing on tuesdays, hot yoga on wednesdays... i was fellin really good and getting pretty strong!

then i got sick... then i was a super bum and about a month later... damn, i need to start working out again!

SO this monday AM i went for a run... then back to my usual boxing on tues and hot yoga on wed

ummmm i vow to NEVER skip out on my work outs ever again! i got home from yoga tonight and my body hurts so, so bad! haha

so ive decided to treat myself to champagne wednesday....


yippie to me! now im off to sit on my couch, watch my tv boyfriend (criminal minds) and sip my champagne


Mainland Streel said...

Ooo, is the show your boyfriend, or do you have a crush on an actor? I don't know if he's still on there, but I used to have a Criminal Minds actor crush. :)

MissAlyssa said...

well i am quite obsessed with that show... but my tv boyfriend is dr. spencer reid (mattew gray gubler)... its so bad even my boyfriend calls him my tv boyfriend! hahahaha

Robyn said...

Champagne in the middle of the week. God Zooey plays the best characters. I think I might pick up a bottle to go with dinner... although alcohol of any kind makes me cranky. Chris will not be pleased. :)

MissAlyssa said...

alcohol makes you cranky? no bueno darlin! my new favorite is champagne for sure! i had a 2 glasses while doing my favorite thing (sitting on my couch watching tv... haha) then i crashed cause im getting old! haha

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

good for you! enjoy :)