June 22, 2010

i feel like there is a huge cloud over my head today. i feel very overwhelmed with all the drama surrounding me. thank god this drama has nothing to do with my personal life... with both of my jobs i feel surrounded by unnecessary drama. its really getting to me and today i just feel drained! the good thing is that i get out of work in a few hours! im going to hot yoga to get some me time, relax time in then boyfriend is bringing dinner and wine over so we can have a relaxing night! AND... i took tomorrow off!! yippie! ill most likely get up early with the mister for our morning run then see him off to work. then who knows... be a bum for a bit, definitely get some cleaning in and finish my laundry. i really cant wait! ive never been so excited to clean! ohh speaking of yoga i was looking at weheartit.com and found this
i totally fell in love with this little guy!


Robyn said...

He has a killer upward facing dog. Missing you in my Friday class. Maybe our schedules will sync up soon.


OMG! I have two Frenchies so I'm dying over here! One of mine does a pretty good upward dog but he doesn't hold his head as perfectly as this guy. Too cute!!!