June 21, 2010

My Style in One Image

i ran across a design blog, from the right bank, today and she is having a "whats your style in one image" challenge. i found this very intriguing. ive found many photos over the years of homes ive fallen in love with.

at the moment id have to say this photo is by far my favorite...


im not even sure if its a home, im thinking a spare guest room off the side of a house. either way, i could definitely see myself living here. it reminds me of a tree house. i love nature and being outside. im not sure where i found this photo and its the only one i have of the space but i imagine the inside being very open and cozy. and who can resist the rope bridges!


Maggie said...

Lovely blog :)



Bromeliad said...

I'll take it. And a can of Off!


This is fantastic!!! I would love to have something like this and I'm with you on the rope bridge - how fun. Thanks so much for participating in my challenge!

Just Sweet Love said...

this picture is gorgeous! do you remember where you found it?!

ps, love your blog!

MissAlyssa said...

i hate to say but i havent got a clue! im usually good at keeping track of where i find things but not this one :(

and thank you sweets