August 22, 2010

here is a new easy and delicious meal i found... egyptian edamame stew with whole wheat couscous....

ohh my goodness its so so good!

i work two jobs and dont get home till 8 on some nights so i like to find easy yummy recipes to throw together so im not eating dinner at 10 at night. which im not gonna lie happens way too often!

so you take one small white onion and 2 small squash cut into small chunks and sauté till tender. add 2tsp garlic, 2tsp cumin, 1tsp coriander and cayenne pepper to taste. then add one 28oz can of diced tomatoes. stir together and let simmer for about 5 minutes. right before serving stir in a thawed bag of frozen edamame and viola its done! serve over couscous!

i cant wait to make this again! the recipe i used is here. now after rereading this recipe i just realized i forgot about the cilantro and lemon juice! oops, ill have to add that next time. hey, i was in a hurry cause burn notice was on! i cant miss burn notice! i love that show way too much!

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A Nerd Like Me said...

This sounds fantastic! I love edamame. Like whoa.