August 11, 2010

ohh my goodness i am such a slacker! i just realized its been almost a month since i last blogged! i feel like i am so busy all the time but i really dont feel like i get much accomplished! haha

 i still dont have much to say for the time being... im still in rush mode but ive been on and off again about getting my septum pierced and i cant decide if i should do it or not. i think im just kinda nervous about how much it would hurt! what do you think?

 i talked to the boyfriend about it, he didnt seem too thrilled that i was thinking about getting it done and the sister says "grow up" she says im too old for that! ehh whatever sister ill always be young at heart... and p.s. i am not even close to being old... i turn 28 next month. im thinking about getting done for the bday

tumblr_l55mh9JLuq1qzk04eo1_500_large tumblr_l5okqbX5fe1qan0mao1_400_large i think i would look fabulous!!!! :)

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Courtney said...

Do it! Once it heals you don't have to wear it every day. I got my done almost ten years ago and sometimes I let a year go by without wearing it and then I have an insane urge to wear it for months on end! Plus you can have a horshoe in it and just flip it up if you are in a situation where you 'shouldn't be wearing it.