June 12, 2012

Put down the remote!!

So recently the mister and I found Eureka on Netflix. Has anyone watched this show?

I had never seen it before and I now have a major crush on it! We seriously cannot stop watching it. We come home pretty much every day from work, make dinner and head straight to the couch to watch it. We have a serious problem! Haha

We have been watching it for weeks thinking that it had been cancelled for a while but then the other day I googled it and HOLY SMOKES its still on the air! The sad news is that this season, the 5th season, is its last and that ends in July! :(

We are almost done watching the past seasons and this Sunday I hear the Syfy Network is having a season 5 Eureka marathon! Man I'm in heaven!

We have been watching it so much that I'm having dreams about it! Hahaha

Everyone who has Netflix needs to check it out... seriously...

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